Managed Services

The key to productivity and efficiency lies in doing only those things which need to be done. But, often companies end-up wasting time struggling with software administration and management; something than can easily be delegated to a third party. This – over a period of time, adds-up to huge operational costs which could have easily been saved. Managed Services from Atello. If you own ServiceNow we can provide you with unparalleled Managed Services.  Our managed services are focused on delivering the highest possible value to our customers. Whether your issue is performance, workflow, data, integration related, or you simply need to add functionality to your system your requests will be handled Atello is proud to be associated with industry leaders who make sure our clients can focus on truly important tasks instead of worrying about the internal infrastructural issues and system management. If you use ServiceNow, then we’re here to offer premier managed services   What to expect

  • Technical expertise and help from senior consultants
  • 24×7 availability of managed services, regardless of the day or geographical location

You end-up paying less than what you would pay to an in-house team of administrators

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