How to optimize your HR with ServiceNow

HR Optimization

You know ServiceNow as an intelligent platform that helps businesses to become more efficient and profitable than they ever dreamed possible, even when experiencing scale. Its capabilities are powering companies all over the globe, helping to simplify and automate workflows so that they can run smarter and faster. It’s a revolution, of sorts, and one that isn’t specific to any one industry. That said, there are certain aspects of enterprise-level business operations that benefit greatly from a ServiceNow implementation, and human resources is one.

From end-to-end, ServiceNow’s HR Management helps you simplify, optimize, and automate every process.

ServiceNow in the hiring process

In order to assure a reasonable cost-per-hire, making the recruiting, interviewing, and onboarding process more efficient is key. When there is a multitude of potential candidates to choose from, think of all the tasks that must be accomplished … over, and over again. Routine calls, callbacks, follow-up emails, and scheduling can be automated by ServiceNow, allowing your HR team to focus on more important things.

For new hires

For new employees, ServiceNow makes the onboarding process simple, intuitive, and expedient. ServiceNow works in a way that is very much like many consumer platforms, combining applications into an automated workflow that will deliver all the disparate information your new hire needs to attend to before they get started.

For example, all contracts, agreements, NDAs, employee information forms, tax documents, and compliance-related credentials can be delivered through the platform and accessed by the employee either on their mobile device or desktop computer. They can sign forms and send them back to HR directly from the interface, ensuring that HR personnel has immediate access to the information they need to complete the onboarding process.

Employees are provided instant access to articles and a knowledge base that is relevant to their position. Two-way communication is active in real-time, helping new hires get their questions answered quickly so they can hit the ground running.

With the ability to access information on their own, employees are empowered with a personalized experience that lifts them up rather than bogging them down with the feeling of drudgery or not having accomplished anything productive. Morale, after all, is key to employee retention. If you begin your relationship in such a way that they feel that you value their time as much as your own, you will be setting the tone for a long and fruitful assignment.

For the hiring manager

For the hiring manager, the ServiceNow platform provides a way for them not only to manage their time more effectively but to gain valuable insights that will help them make better business decisions.

Repetitive processes abound in HR, and when every step of the workflow is automated, it frees up time that can be reallocated to more important things. From fielding incoming queries to helping narrow down the pool of candidates to scheduling interviews, every stakeholder will appreciate the expedience, the accuracy, and the ease in which things get accomplished.

ServiceNow addresses every step in the employee lifecycle

HR’s work is not over just because the candidate is hired. Along the way, there are IT deployments, vehicle allocations, performance reviews, continuing education, compliance testing, and skills training to be completed and evaluated. Automating these tasks provides HR with a reliable, predictable, accurate, and secure method of maintaining employee records that adhere to even the strictest regulatory standards.

Benefits can be allocated by HR and then self-managed by the employee, removing several steps in the course of enrollment and making the process more efficient and accurate.

Additionally, HR can liaise with other departments, such as IT, to ensure that the incoming employee has the right equipment, technology, and passwords ready for them when they arrive. The more efficient the onboarding process, the more the employee will feel valued. In fact, studies show that an effective onboarding process improves retention by 82 percent and boosts productivity by 70 percent – metrics that illustrate well the value that a ServiceNow workflow can provide.

In conclusion, if you are looking for a way to streamline your HR workflows and make your hiring process more efficient and enjoyable, call to speak with an Atello Solutions ServiceNow expert today. We’d love to find out more about your business and show you how we can help.

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