What Is ServiceNow CSM?

Good customer service involves communicating with your customers about their needs. But great customer service requires more than that. Customers don’t just want engagement, they want a quick resolution to their issues—or better yet, to avoid having issues in the first place. ServiceNow Customer Service Management (CSM) can help you provide great service while also making things easier for your customer service team.

Omni-Channel Communication

The customer service experience starts the first time a customer attempts to reach out to your company. ServiceNow CSM provides omni-channel service on a variety of communication mediums, including self-service, phone, chat, virtual agent, email, event monitoring, and social media. Customers can use the channel of their choice to ask questions, make requests, report issues, or bring attention to other problems. Once a case is created, it will be routed to an available customer service agent with the correct skillset.

Offering all of these channels through a single service portal means that the customer service team isn’t dealing with the chaos of requests coming in from many disparate sources. Employees and customers will both be able to track progress and stay informed about each service request.

Customizable Service Portal

The ServiceNow CSM out-of-the-box customer service portal offers a customizable online service experience. Common requests are solved quickly—for example, the customer may be directed to a relevant knowledgebase article, connected to peers in a community, or provided a solution by a conversational chatbot. Common requests, such as address changes, warranty registrations, and password resets can be performed automatically. All of this provides the customer with a satisfying experience while freeing up your team to respond to the more difficult requests.

Connect to the Entire Enterprise

When customers contact your company, they rightfully expect to reach someone who can solve their problems. Unfortunately, thanks to siloes in the enterprise, customers are often bounced around to several departments before they find the one that can help them. This creates a terrible customer experience—bad news for you, since 92% of consumers say they would stop purchasing from a company after three or fewer poor customer service experiences. 26% percent of those would stop after just one bad experience.

With ServiceNow CSM, you can connect customer service to every corner of the enterprise. The customer service team identifies and assigns issues directly to field service, engineering, operations, finance, legal, or other departments and tracks those issues to resolution. Some cases can be automatically categorized and routed using predictive intelligence.

Be Proactive, Not Reactive

By the time a customer notices an issue, he or she is probably already feeling frustrated. ServiceNow CSM helps you respond to problems before the customers even know they have them. CSM provides real-time visibility into the operational health of your customers’ products and systems to proactively detect issues—or prevent the issues entirely. You can send preemptive alerts to affected customers so they don’t even need to contact customer service.

Intelligent Analysis

ServiceNow CSM can identify and predict trends in your customer service requests in order to drive actionable improvements and automate resolutions for the most frequently recurring problems. Drill down into interactive, role-based dashboards to get a graphical view of performance trends and real-time results, allowing for quick decision making.

Comprehensive Management of the Customer Experience

From request to resolution, the customer service experience should feel quick and effortless for your customer and your service team. ServiceNow CSM allows you to provide top-tier customer service in a way that’s both cost-effective and scalable.

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