How ServiceNow Uses Its Own HR Platform

ServiceNow takes pride in giving its employees a great experience from day one. At some companies, onboarding and other HR processes are a mess of paperwork, spreadsheets, emails, and phone calls which can take days to get sorted out, but ServiceNow makes sure employees old and new have easy access to everything they need. Consequently, the company has achieved 86 percent employee onboarding satisfaction.

The secret to such successful HR processes is the platform they use—ServiceNow itself. Click here to read how ServiceNow improved the entire HR experienceby implementing ServiceNow Enterprise Onboarding and Transitions.

Whether you have thousands of employees like ServiceNow or are operating on a smaller scale, you can use ServiceNow to transform your HR processes.

Improve HR Efficiency

Your talented HR team can do so much more than push paper. Unfortunately, typical HR processes can be astoundingly time-consuming and inefficient. Case in point: onboarding. A new employee has to fill out a pile of forms, get provisioned on any number of solutions, acquire essential items like a phone or a company credit card, and go through training. This involves a number of departments and is all orchestrated by HR.

When this is done through manual processes like data entry into a spreadsheet and making phone calls to other departments, HR is overwhelmed. And it’s unscalable—your business can’t grow if you don’t have the capacity to hire enough new employees.

With ServiceNow, HR only has to enter data on new hires once. All forms, documents, and databases are then populated automatically. As for tasks like training or setting up a workspace, ServiceNow automatically assigns onboarding tasks to the appropriate person. It then tracks the status of each task and automatically reminds the owner if the task stalls.

Through implementing its own Enterprise Onboarding and Transitions software, ServiceNow has accelerated provisioning of IT resources for new hires by 94 percent. Provisioning time has been reduced from three days to just a few hours. Overall, ServiceNow is saving 4,000 hours a year in onboarding effort.

Help Your New Employees Get Up to Speed

There’s a lot that an employee has to take care of when they start a new job. The longer it takes, the longer you wait until your new hire is a contributing member of the team.

The ServiceNow solution gives employees a single self-service portal where they can find the information they need and complete their onboarding activities. It’s a much easier way to start your first day than arriving to an email inbox already full of confusing HR-related emails. The portal also benefits existing employees, becoming their one-stop shop for things like benefit updates or policy inquiries.

If new employees need help, they don’t have to track down the appropriate person themselves—they can ask for assistance from within the portal. It’s a better user experience for new hires and it reduces HR’s caseload.

HR can easily add new services to the portal, which saves time for everyone by reducing IT involvement.

Increase Transparency and Cooperation

Onboarding is a process that involves many players, from multiple HR staff members to IT to hiring managers. ServiceNow Enterprise Onboarding and Transitions gives total visibility to HR and anyone else who needs it. In the case study, ServiceNow’s senior manager, HR business systems and applications, explains, “Now we have [ServiceNow] Performance Analytics dashboards that give our staffing coordinators real-time visibility of the onboarding process. These dashboards also give us key metrics so that we can measure how we are doing and drive further process improvements. And that visibility isn’t limited to HR—hiring managers can also easily see how things are progressing.”

Grow Your Business

An improved experience for new employees is admirable, but how does it boost the bottom line?

First of all, your HR team adds the most value to the business when they’re not bogged down in administrative busywork. Freeing up hours of their time every week allows them to focus on growing the company through talent acquisition, providing training and services for existing employees, and other essential tasks—the type of work that probably got them interested in HR in the first place.

Moreover, an easily scalable onboarding process lowers the cost of each new hire. ServiceNow has saved $325,000 each year in HR service delivery costs.

To find out how you can reap the same benefits that ServiceNow did from its HR platform, talk to an expert today.

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