How ServiceNow Is Helping Customers With COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced dramatic changes in organizations of all types, from health providers and government agencies on the frontlines of the crisis to businesses just trying to keep their employees safe and productive. ServiceNow is doing its part to help. On March 16th, ServiceNow released four community apps to help organizations manage emergency response workflows during the COVID-19 pandemic.

According to ServiceNow’s CEO, Bill McDermott, the apps have already been in high demand with nearly 1,000 downloads by organizations worldwide. They include an app that helps public agencies and other organizations support emergency response, an outreach app to distribute information and confirm employee safety and location, an app that allows employees to report illnesses and readiness to return to work, and one that manages exposure risk if any employees are ill.

For organizations involved in the coronavirus response or enterprises struggling to maintain efficient operations in these strange times, the apps are specifically designed to relieve some of the burden. You can see demonstration videos of each new app here. The apps were released to help your organization get through the current crisis, but can also be useful in other types of emergency situations.

Emergency Response Operations

Being among the first to deal with the coronavirus outbreak in the U.S., Washington State’s health agencies, emergency responders, and public health professionals had to rapidly assemble an incident management structure. The Washington State Department of Health, an existing ServiceNow customer, was able to leverage the Now Platform to digitize the processes that allow them to quickly resource critical Incident Management Team positions and gain real-time visibility into resource allocations.

According to Jennifer McNamara, the department’s Chief Information Officer, they felt they had a responsibility to share the app with others. She said, “Given the complexity and importance of community within this crisis, we believe it’s our duty to share our approach and the application we were able to quickly develop on the Now Platform. That’s why we have worked with ServiceNow to make our application freely available to other governmental entities. By digitizing these processes, responding to an emergency does not have to create an emergency to coordinate.”

The Emergency Response Operations app will help agencies battling the coronavirus outbreak or other disasters to:

  • Digitize critical workflows to improve speed, accuracy, and efficiency
  • Optimize resources in critical locations during emergencies
  • Simplify role assignment and resource activation during incident planning

Emergency Outreach

In any type of emergency event, communication with your team is more important than ever. The Emergency Outreach app helps organizations connect with employees and assess the impact of an emergency event. It also allows your employees to easily update the organization on their health conditions and location.

The app utilizes mobile push notifications and email to help employers share important information about emergency and safety measures or request that employees check in. Employees can easily provide their health status and location with just a few taps.

Emergency Self Report

You may have employees that are diagnosed with COVID-19, show symptoms, or discover that they have been exposed. Managers, HR, and response teams need an efficient and organized way to keep track of each employee’s status and take appropriate actions.

With this app, employees can let you know whenever their situation changes—for example, they have some symptoms, or go into quarantine, or are ready to return to work after illness or exposure. Managers will be able to see the statuses of their team members and when they are expected to return (a timeline that is configurable by the organization) and can even use the dashboard to reassign an employee’s open tasks if they are unable to work.

Emergency Exposure Management

The final community app helps you prevent a pandemic nightmare—the uncontrolled spread of the virus through your organization. When a company becomes aware that its employee is diagnosed with an illness, this app helps the employer identify other people who might have been exposed based on the employee’s meeting history and office location.

If an employee is thought to be ill or exposed, the app can generate a full list of everyone with whom they may have had contact. This list can be downloaded for use in any follow-up actions the organization needs to take.

Get the Apps

ServiceNow’s community apps are designed for immediate use at no charge for existing customers. Others can use these apps for free through September 30, 2020. Atello Solutions is ready to help your organization with installation and deployment of the new ServiceNow apps.

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