Top 5 Features of ServiceNow’s Latest Jakarta Release

Welcome Jakarta, ServiceNow’s newest software update. They have made an array of changes to their already superior platform and this series of upgrades have helped make their platform stronger than ever.  Jakarta features seven new applications and 30 major enhancements that help drive performance, user experience, customer service, HR, intelligence, cloud management and software asset management.  For those considering upgrading their system, we have compiled, what we believe to be, the top five features Jakarta has to offer

  1. Notifications

Notifications on this platform are now easier to control and personalize. Users can now set their own preferences for notifications, which includes channels and personal subscriptions. These preferences can be set by visiting the Notifications tab, which is located in the System Setting window. They have also added randomized watermarks to the email notifications as a means of ensuring they are unique and stand out from your other notifications.  In addition, email image filtering is now available, which makes it possible to control how inbound images are attached and displayed as well as the ability to filter out small, unwanted attachments, such as company logos.

  1. IT Business Management

ServiceNow implemented a series of upgrades to help with IT business management. For instance, users can keep track of progress across multiple portfolios with ease and it is even possible to rank and prioritize projects based on performance and financial metrics, among other features.  Being able to view work and keep track of time spent using any application on the platform is an added benefit. To top it all off, the new application helps cut costs and allows for better compliance.

  1. Now Platform

There have been quite a few upgrades made to the Now Platform.

  • Intelligent Automation Engine: ServiceNow’s new Intelligent Automation Engine helps bring machine knowledge to everyday work. It has a feature for anomaly detection complete with Operational Intelligence, assessment against industry competitors with Benchmarks and performance forecasts with Advanced Forecasting. It also includes automated classification and routing of tasks with Predictive Modeling; though this feature is not yet available.
  • Faster Forms and List Load-Time: Complete work more rapidly with up to 30 percent faster form and list loads.
  • Guided Tour Designer: This feature makes it possible for instance administrator teams to generate page-based tours to help hasten end-user output. This feature includes role-based tours as well as tour playback.
  • Instance Security Dashboard: A dashboard showing up-to-date compliance status for an instance is now available. It also affords administrators with the ability to manage mindfulness, instruction, configuration and standards compliance for the purpose of swift security action.
  • Metric Base: Makes it possible for organizations to consume and process large volumes of time series data from a wide variety of sources and/or any combination of sources on the Now Platform. This is done in the name of making more sound business decisions in a shorter time span.
  • Homepage: The home page now features new functionality made to help investigate and eliminate system sluggishness immediately. Moreover, the interface also includes zoom controls to enlarge each graph and view time series details, aggregated summaries of time series graph data, graph overlay capability to compare and contrast two different data sources within one single graph as well as a diagnostic event overlay on each graph that helps highlights performance irregularities.
  1. Reporting

Users can not only create from tables and data sources maintained within the system, it is also now possible to perform tasks such as importing Excel spreadsheets of data maintained outside of the platform in order to create reports with this information as well. Also, reports can now be shown on the service portal. The interactive analysis feature allows for the quick exploration of data via the use of visualizations.  In order to take full advantage of the interactive analysis feature, Performance Analytics Premium is required. Additionally, there is a new report designer that makes creating meaningful and actionable reports a cinch.

  1. Security

Security has been greatly boosted with Jakarta. No need to struggle to fix security issues alone, the new Trusted Security Circles feature provides almost real-time assistance to security analysts in the form of threat intelligence information based on targeted attacks as well as their potential impact; sharing is secured, controlled and anonymous. Quick and easy integration with the following programs is now available: Checkpoint, Carbon Black, HPE ArcSight Logger, HPE ArcSight ESM, McAfee ESM, Crowdstrike Falcon and Recorded Future.


Overall, the various upgrades made to Jakarta have made ServiceNow more efficient and valuable than ever before. Not only have there been advancements with regards to security, reporting, notifications and more, but these upgrades make it possible for businesses to help organizations automate and further streamline their processes. Ultimately, these upgrades have managed to add value to an already superior system that helps drive the success of businesses and organizations of all kinds.

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