How Khan Bank Drives IT Service Management

Improving IT service delivery is a goal that most organizations share, but getting there isn’t always easy. Your organization might be wondering how to handle legacy service management tools, disparate processes, or employees too burdened with firefighting to provide great service.

Few companies have to deal with the unique obstacles that Mongolia’s largest commercial bank faced. Khan Bank manages over 500 branches in Mongolia, one of the most sparsely populated countries in the world. Only around 100 of those branches are in the capital, Ulaanbaatar, and the rest are spread across the country. Many areas lack high-speed internet connections. Khan Bank needed a way to facilitate collaboration between IT and other parts of the business—even in the most isolated areas.

Despite these challenges, Khan Bank was able to achieve digital transformationwith the help of ServiceNow ITSM. Read on to learn about how ServiceNow benefitted the bank, and how it can do the same for you.


Khan Bank faced a problem common across large organizations: a hodgepodge of legacy, inefficient, and sometimes redundant service delivery tools. ServiceNow ITSM allows businesses to rapidly consolidate their messy stack of solutions to a single system of action in the cloud, seamlessly integrating with remote desktop support products, authentication software, and productivity tools.

Consolidating solutions and standardizing IT processes at Khan Bank increased the speed and efficiency with which requests are fulfilled. Streamlined IT service delivery means that employees can stop wasting hours on getting their IT issues solved and do more work that adds value to the business.

Within just a month of going live, about 70 percent of IT requests at Khan were already coming through the service catalog, an adoption rate that Khan’s CIO called “amazing.” The catalog hosts close to 30 items including reporting an issue, change requests, system access, and branch network services.


86 percent of companies say that they’ll need greater automation by 2020 in order to get work done. Unfortunately, a lack of automation was one of the key IT service delivery obstacles that Khan Bank faced.

ServiceNow ITSM allows routine tasks to be automated through machine learning, reducing manual labor, human error, and resolution time. These days, thanks to ServiceNow, Khan is a modernized workplace, with automated workflows replacing inefficient tools like email and shared documents for many processes.

Continued Digital Transformation

Continually improving your IT service delivery requires you to be able to measure your success and predict the future based on your current situation and past history. ServiceNow ITSM provides full visibility with built-in dashboards and analytics. You’ll have easily accessible, actionable information at your fingertips, including metrics like the percentage of open or overdue incidents, the average incident resolution time, the number of closed incidents, and hundreds more.

Khan Bank has no plans to stop transforming and modernizing the organization using ServiceNow.  The intention is to build on the success in the IT department and expand consolidation and automation to the rest of the business. Khan is excited by the possibilities for better service management in human resources, customer service, operations, and beyond.

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