How to Build a Great Employee Experience with ServiceNow

Any company’s greatest assets are its employees. No matter how inspired the vision or how innovative the product, a business will only be successful if it can hire and retain talented employees who are happy at the organization and who have the tools they need to do their best work.

Too many businesses focus on customer relationships and the bottom line while ignoring the employee experience. Luckily, with ServiceNow you can make strides in all of those areas using the same user-friendly platform.

Here’s how you can use ServiceNow to reach new levels of employee satisfaction.

Build a Positive Experience from Day One

Two employees start brand new jobs. The first arrives to a workspace that isn’t fully set up and applications that aren’t provisioned. He does have a full inbox of emails from people in departments like finance and legal, all trying to accomplish their part of the onboarding process. He has a lot of questions, but it’s unclear who to ask.

The second employee gets a job at a company that has implemented ServiceNow in its HR department. ServiceNow has already automatically assigned onboarding tasks to the appropriate individuals across all departments, so everything the employee needs has been set up in advance (if any task stalls, ServiceNow will send reminders to the task owner). This employee has questions as well. She’s presented with a self-service portal that allows her to go through the multi-department onboarding process step-by-step. When she needs help or has a question, she can ask it through the same portal, and it will be automatically routed to the right person.

It has only been one day, but the second employee is already more satisfied at her company than the first—plus, because she got through onboarding so easily, she can start making valuable contributions to the business more quickly.

The employee experience begins the moment a new hire walks through the door. ServiceNow ensures that your talent is in good hands from the start.

Improve Communication and Collaboration

Any employee in any job in your organization can be rendered ineffective by messy service delivery issues. When inefficiencies are baked into each process, activities like requesting a leave of absence or accepting a transfer to a different department can cause hours of lost productive time.

A lot of muddled workflows and wasted workdays happen because HR processes actually span many areas of the business. This requires a unified platform to orchestrate tasks across multiple departments and systems.

Remember that self-service portal in the example above? With ServiceNow, employees can continue to use the same application throughout their time at the company, receiving step-by-step guidance each time they navigate a new phase of the employee lifecycle.

Retain Top Talent

According to Gartner research, employee replacement costs can be more than 200 percent of the employee’s total annual compensation. Employee retention improves when employees aren’t frustrated by inefficient company workflows and when they have the tools they need to be effective. ServiceNow provides a streamlined experience that will free the employee up to do the work they really enjoy.

Continue to Optimize the Employee Experience

ServiceNow Performance Analytics for HR provides real-time visibility and reporting on HR performance. Intuitive dashboards—which can be shared with groups or individuals—help you predict and proactively address common requests while avoiding service bottlenecks.

By tapping into the world’s largest library of key performance indicators (KPIs), ServiceNow allows you to see metrics such as average case close time, volume and types of employee service requests, number of open cases, and self-service effectiveness. Easy, automatic analysis of key data ensures continued improvement of the employee experience.

ServiceNow isn’t afraid to take its own advice. The company’s HR department implemented ServiceNow Enterprise Onboarding and Transitions, and has since achieved 86 percent employee onboarding satisfaction. But it’s not just about happy employees—ServiceNow has also saved $325,000 each yearin HR service delivery costs.

To get started building a great employee experience with ServiceNow, talk to an expert today.


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