Best Practices: Customizing Your ServiceNow Platform

ServiceNow Customization

At Atello Solutions, we take immense satisfaction in helping our clients set up the best ServiceNow implementation that meets their business needs.

This often means customizing and configuring the ServiceNow platform to optimize it for their operations, workflows, and industry requirements. Thankfully, ServiceNow is one of the most flexible cloud solutions ever created and offers an extraordinary degree of customizability for all kinds of businesses. Therefore, the platform can be tailored to meet each business’s unique requirements and we do it every day at Atello Solutions.

In fact, a major challenge for most businesses is to decide when to stop with the customization.

Any software customization is an expensive project, and doesn’t end at the implementation or deployment stage. That’s just the beginning. Every time the software gets an update, the customized segments of the software should be adapted and made compatible with the updates. Thus, businesses that customize a software get stuck in a perpetual cycle of ‘implement, change, and maintain‘. This, in addition to being unnecessarily expensive, can often lead to the loss of productivity of valuable ServiceNow resources. Considering how scarce and expensive ServiceNow talent is, the cost of the customization adds up quickly.


So, Does That Mean ServiceNow Should Not Be Customized?

That’s hardly the answer.

While it is true that most businesses will do just fine with the out-of-the-box ServiceNow solution, a good number of businesses need the platform optimized for their unique needs. However, they don’t have to spend a fortune on that.

How? The answer is Configuration.

Configurations allow most of the businesses to tailor their ServiceNow instance to meet their requirements just fine. In fact, most of the customizations that businesses need with their ServiceNow instance are just configurations, and not customizations.


So, What is the Different Between the Two?

Well, the difference is a matter of scale and depth. ServiceNow comes with a plethora of built-in customization options. These options allow businesses to configure their ServiceNow implementation to a remarkable degree. By using easy-to-use tools such as widgets, panels, variables, and other tools, businesses can configure ServiceNow in a myriad ways.

In most cases, when businesses ask for customizations, what they want are well-tailored configurations.

True customization, on the other hand, happens at the code level. Such customizations require the best ServiceNow resources and are prohibitively expensive to implement and maintain.


The Best Setup?

In the ideal world, the best setup would be out-of-the-box implementation. ServiceNow is designed to meet the needs of the most organizations out there. Therefore, a majority of the businesses should be able to harness its potential without any customizations.

But, in the real world, a certain degree of customization for each ServiceNow implementation as per the business and industry needs is essential. Therefore, the best choice for businesses, especially the small and medium business, is to go for a ServiceNow implementation that is configured to meet their needs.

Large enterprises, on the other hand, which have the financial wherewithal to fund expensive customization projects can choose to customize ServiceNow at the code-level for their requirements.

Get in touch with an expert to have them recommend what is best for your business.

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